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Ishmael Osekre is a Ghanaian born poet, musician, foodie and festivals curator. Osekre is an alumni of Columbia Univ, and the Harvard Innovation Lab. Ishmael is know for his skills in using social media for extensive marketing and generating huge turn out and revenue for events he markets.
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Osekre’s Vibe

who am i?

i’m just a boy from kokomlemle …

my story

I arrived in NYC with $30 and change in my pocket. I was on my way to Columbia University as an undergrad. Little did I know at the time that mydreams of attending a an Ivy League College did not get fulfilled with the full package. The rest of my journey since then has been an adventure full of high and lows, lessons and experiences I wouldn’t chane for the world. I fundraised my way through college, started a band, curated loft parties and basement shows, toured briefly with my band, and hoste breakout sessions during the height of the 285 Kent, McKibbin Lofts and Cameo Gallery era, got accepted to the Harvard innovation lab, curated festivals, started platforms to engage in conversations around community, food and culture. These experiences have shaped who I am, but even more, they’ve informed me about the world in a way that has given me perspectives that I share on here. I hope if anything, you informed in a way you find relevant to your experiences and journey. please set your expectations low, afterall, I am just a boy from Kokomlemle …. 

what i do …

i create platforms

develop concepts

curate festivals


i write, i code, i play, and sing


i’m an avid student of the art of going viral

and i’m big on ideas, community, and culture


i like to harness the power of social media to create.




let’s link up on social

dig in …


i share from my experiences

because they are tangible to me, and i have a perspective

on them in a way i can articulate better than other people’s experiences.


my goal is to share from my successes and mistakes as well.

no one said it was easy, but anything is possible.


discover my lessons through:

the blog, podcast, quotes, slides, books and online courses.


don’t hesitate to give me feedback,

let me know what you would like to hear more of,

and please do pass the word on.






band, and music



“we all know Fela Kuti was a punk in spirit, but what if he actually made punk rock? Osekre and the Lucky Bastards take afrobeat, indie, punk, ska, and rockabilly, throws them in a blender and the glorious mess that comes out is their latest track”

~ afropunk